MOMS First blog

How did I get started?

I am a Gulf War veteran who is currently a LAN administrator working for a government agency. From a very young age I always wanted to own and run a business.

Everyone can relate to this situation, I’ve worked for various companies, including the military over the past 30 years. Work can get very frustrating and stressful. This is a key factor. But what pushed me over the edge was the economy crashing in 2008. My thoughts were, “I do not control my own future”. Stock market fluctuating, companies cutting back, layoffs and other decisions by heads of companies you have no control over, who knows where social security is going to be in 12 years.  THIS BY FAR WAS THE BIGGEST IMPACT on my decision to start my own business. CONTROL MY OWN FUTURE!!

After hanging out one night, I ran into several people trying to sell their self-made music CDs. There are musicians everywhere that have very good music but do not have any exposure.  Then it hit me; why not create a website for selling your own music. ITunes, CDBaby and the other major music distributors charge a very high commission, while the artist is doing all of the work. For the most part, each artist will still be responsible for marketing the music. To top that off, each artist needs to make arrangements with the companies to receive their money.

That is how I came up with My Own Music Combine social media with selling music at a VERY LOW COST to the musician. The website is membership based with a low monthly or annual fee. NO COMMISSION!!! The members account is basically an E-Commerce storefront for the artists, with their music being the products for sale. ALL PROCEEDS ARE DEPOSITED DIRECTLY INTO THE MEMBERS PERSONAL PAYPAL ACCOUNT! Members can market their own music via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ DIRECTLY FROM YOUR MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT! My Own Music provides a means of selling your music. This may not be the first website like this, but it is the most convenient.